There is no better way to help a young player improve than quality private instruction! You have lots of options for private coaching, I believe I provide the best training in Marin for a few reasons:


  • This is my full-time job. I am a baseball coach before anything else, I am constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of the best baseball information, teaching techniques, and technology available to improve my coaching.

  • I am passionate about the process of teaching and learning. Nothing gives me more joy than helping a player learn something new or overcome a challenge!

  • I can still do it! I believe that demonstrating skills and actively participating in my lessons helps players learn - don't waste your time with coaches who simply play catch or sit on a bucket!


I was a shortstop and pitcher. I can provide coaching in pitching, hitting, and fielding. My training goes beyond purely mechanical instruction and incorporate both mental and physical performance training.


Lesson Options & Pricing

45 Minute Tune-Up

Good for some quick batting practice, a bullpen, or fielding session to quickly practice a single skill.

Single Lesson Price - $90

5-pack - $400

10-pack - $700

75 Minute Training

75 minute sessions provide the flexibility to incorporate multiple skills, physical or mental training, or a deep-dive on a single skill.

Single Lesson - $150

5-Pack - $625

10-Pack  - $1050

90-Minute Deep Dive

Longer lessons create opportunities to work on multiple skills in a single session, or get deep into a specific subject.​ For hungry and passionate players, only!


Single Lesson - $200

5-Pack - $800

10-Pack  - $1400

All prices are the same for one or two players. I encourage everyone to find a partner and split the cost.


Tips for Booking Lessons

Things to consider to help make booking easier...

Your goals: How do you want to improve?

Availability: Lessons available M, T, W & Saturday; please look ahead at your schedule

Commitment: Single lesson or Package?

Package Benefits

Discounts: Lower rates on lessons

Premium Lesson Times: Weekday lessons available if you have a package

Data-Driven Evaluation with feedback and comparisons to national averages at your level!*

Extra Value: Nutrition, Arm-Care, and Strength & Conditioning Information Packages*


*These features are unique to lessons with Tad or Paradise Baseball Club!