Paradise Baseball Club

A family-friendly youth baseball program that combines the best elements of competitive travel ball and the traditional youth baseball experience...


Quality Coaching

Flexible and Affordable

All Conveniently Local!

About the Club

Paradise Baseball Club, established 2018, is all about providing the best possible baseball education for young players and their families!


No weekends of 5am wakeup calls, 3-hour drives, and spending the night in Fresno! Just quality baseball instruction, a holistic package of wellness services for players, and a family-friendly program that supports well-rounded athletes!


Join PBC for a high quality, full-service, and family-friendly youth baseball experience!


A different approach to baseball education: Rather than pay for tournaments and hotels for coaches, your fees go to pay for additional private instruction and player support programs to supplement your child's baseball education. These supplemental programs include physical and mental performance resources, nutritional information and support, technology and data-driven training, and more!


I currently offer teams for players 8-10, and 13/14 years old. 9U (2nd & 3rd graders), and High School Prep programs (for 7th & 8th graders), learn more below!



All groups led directly by Coach Tad

About Coach Tad


High School Prep Program

For 7th & 8th Graders

With High School ball on the horizon, this is a challenging and stressful time for players and parents. PBC helps young players prepare by offering quality coaching through game experience and individual instruction, physical and mental performance training, and nutritional guidance.


Convenient Schedule

September 8 - October 28 (8 weeks)

Practices held Sundays 3:30-6:00 and Mondays 4:30-6:00pm

@ Redwood High School's Moody Field

Affordable - the best value in Marin!

$750 - two team practices and a game every week, double-headers, and three private lessons included!

Registrations accepted until September 5 - Refunds available until September 1

Conveniently Local

Practice @ Redwood High School. Private lessons available locally.

Space is Limited


After several years of coaching freshman baseball, I know what it takes for players to make their high school teams! Most young players need to improve their strength, speed, and overall athleticism to adapt to the larger field and faster game at the high school level. PBC provides a holistic package of services to help young ballplayers prepare to stand out at their freshman tryouts! 


In addition to baseball instruction, all players will have access to the following support resources - THIS IS UNIQUE TO PARADISE BASEBALL CLUB!:

- Nutrition guidance and meal prep support

- Physical performance training

- Mental performance training

- Arm-care programs and resources

- Data & technology-driven feedback (Blast Motion and Motus Throw)

About Blast Baseball

About Motus Throw


The "Fine Print"


My goal is to always provide the best possible baseball education for your kids, and create a family-friendly program with open, clear communication between myself, families, and players. 


This document is intended to clearly set expectations for the season and lay out some simple policies I will have. My goal here is to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you have paid for, and that by the end of the season you feel like you got an amazing value. Please review the information and ask any clarifying questions you may have. 


By submitting payment ($650), you agree to follow these policies; you are also committing to being part of, and representing publicly, Paradise Baseball Club. It is important you represent the Club well, you don’t need a lecture from me on how to do that.


Your spot on the team is secured once I have received your payment. Payments may be submitted via cash, check (made out to Tad Finnie), or electronically via PayPal or Venmo. Refunds available until September 7. After September 7, refunds are not guaranteed.


Your fees cover one team practice per week (8 total), and one private lesson per week (8 total).




The PBC “season” will officially start Monday, September 3, and ends . The first group practices will be held on Tuesday, September 4, and Wednesday, September 5. You may choose which practice to attend, players are welcome to attend both practices during the first week. After the first week, please pick one team practice to attend.


Private Lessons


You may schedule one, one-hour private lesson per week (Monday-Monday). Players may pair up for lessons (groups up to 4). If players pair up, you may do 2 lessons in a week as a pair, each of you using your one weekly lesson “credit”. 


I am asking families to try and establish a regular/repeating lesson schedule throughout the season, and work it out with me in advance. 


IF you cannot decide on a regular/repeating schedule for the whole season, please book seven (7) days in advance - first week excluded. You may “roll over” one lesson during the season if you miss a week.


You may reschedule or cancel and “roll over” your lesson to the next week with at least 24-hours notice. If you cancel inside 24 hours I will do my best to reschedule your lesson, but there may be certain times when this is impossible.


I will always do my best to fit everyone in, I can only guarantee you a spot each week if you follow this booking policy.


If you have any concerns during the season and feel that things are not up to your expectations, please feel free to contact me.